Hearing Aids

At Audio-Vestibular Clinic, our audiologist works with you to improve your hearing with indiviudally prescribed hearing aid fittings and counselling sessions. You are able to trial the latest in digital hearing aid technology from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Audio-Vestibular Clinic is an independantly owned and privately run clinic and is therefore not limited to certain brands of technology. We offer a variety of the latest in digital Hearing Aid technology to ensure every level of hearing loss, every lifestyle, and budget is accounted for. At Audio-Vestibular Clinic, follow up and ongoing counselling continue on beyond the fitting of the hearing aid, to ensure that you feel content and confident in using your hearing aids.

Hearing Aids can provide a significant improvement for most people with a hearing impairment. Most hearing loss includes more than just a loss of the ‘loudness’ of a sound, and people often report that they can still hear others talking but can’t understand the words clearly. This loss of clarity is due to the damage of the delicate sensory structures of the inner ear. Modern digital hearing aids are designed to compensate for these issues by enhancing sounds in the damaged areas that are important for understanding speech.

Hearing Aids that are fitted properly can make communication easier and therefore results in more social confidence. Hearing Aids can enhance the quality of life for a hearing impaired individual.

Different Types of Hearing Aids

Behind-The-Ear (BTE): These hearing aids sit behind the ear and deliver sound into the ear via a clear tube. For the less severe hearing loss, a BTE hearing aid can be an Open-Fit hearing aid with no earmould to block the ear canal, and only a thin tube delivering the sound.

In-The-Ear (ITE): These hearing aids are housed in a custom-made shell that fits comfortably inside each ear, delivering sound directly to the ear.

In-The-Canal (ITC): These are similar to the ITE hearing aids, although are smaller in size and are more hidden in the ear.

Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC): These sit right inside the ear canal making them almost invisible in the ear. They are restricted to people with ear canals large enough to accommodate the whole hearing aids and are best suited to mild and moderate hearing losses.

Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE): These are similar to the BTE however in an RITE the speaker itself sits inside the ear and is separated from the microphone which still sits behind the ear.